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mahjong alchemy 

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This tile game that is strategic that is extremely popular is among the most popular gaming trends in the United States. Brought over from China nearly a century past, mahjong continues to get a cult following and wonder that is little -- it is addictive, societal and exciting! What more could you request? But before you learn the best way to play mahjong, it's very important to take note there are numerous variants of this fantastic game.

Originally developed in China more than a century ago, mahjong fever evolved into numerous variations on the way and has spread all around the world. The initial version, frequently called Ancient Chinese mahjong is not any longer quite popular and has been replaced by newer variants. Hong Kong mahjong (sometimes referred to as Cantonese mahjong) is presently the most popular variant even though oddly it is identical to the ancient version with the exclusion of minor scoring details. Japan also has their own variant that features scoring differences from ancient mahjong together with several unique characteristics which include the rules of "riichi" and "dora."

When mahjong was brought over from China back it was adapted to fit its new American audience, which meant scores that were higher and more rapid game play. Western Classical mahjong is a descendent of that form and is now according to the Wright-Patterson rules popular in the U.S. military. And then obviously there is American mahjong, which is a tremendous success in the United States and features the biggest changes from the Chinese variation that is ancient. American mahjong features the Charleston rule, joker tiles, shuns the use of the Chow and hands that are conventional and melds of five tiles or more.

If you haven't learned how to play mahjong yet, you should! It's a challenging but exciting game that's extremely addictive, especially when played with family and friends. Don't miss out on this gaming style that is hot!



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Post by mahjongalchemygame (2016-05-27 16:31)

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